Answer: At 300% efficiency, heat pumps are the most efficient way to heat an off-grid home. Precise financials depend on property heat demands, insulation, and more. Biomass boilers offer an efficient heating method with a low carbon impact. Electricity is the most expensive option for off-grid heating. Oil and LPG are also costly and carbon-heavy.

For more detailed information about costs, savings, pros, cons, and efficiency ratings, keep reading this article below. We list the various ways to heat your off-grid home.


Efficiency and off-grid heating

Central heating is the most commonly-used form of heating in the UK. This method of heating requires a mains gas connection and boiler. The heated water is then piped toward the radiators of the building, heating up the spaces within.

This system also supports heated water for bathing or washing, which will be fed to the taps. However, the use of boilers for central heating systems at home can account for up to 60% of total energy usage. There also some homes that use electricity for heating. However, this too can be carbon-intensive, pricey, and very inefficient.

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and save on heating costs, it is important to look for other heating and hot water systems. Ideally, you should choose a system that utilises the least amount of energy. But neither should you compromise the system’s ability to keep your home warm. Before you start your new-build or renovate your home to incorporate an energy efficient heating system, you need more information about the heating options available to you.